Best chef shoes

Are you a chef in need of shoes that will support your feet during long work hours? We get it. Being a chef requires long hours of standing, which may cause back and leg pain.

The shoes you wear are vital to your health and everyday performance. That is why we have put together the ultimate buyer’s guide of the best chef shoes in the market.

We have compiled these by evaluating customer reviews, highly-rated products, essential qualities such as durability and non-slip soles, and much more to help you choose a specialized shoe that best supports your work lifestyle by the end of this article. 

Here is a list of the top five shoes for chefs:

1. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage McAllen Food Service Shoe

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Skechers is a household name when it comes to producing comfortable and efficient shoes, and this product is no different. Skechers Food Service Shoe provides one of the best shoes for working in the kitchen that you can buy. 

This product is available at a very affordable price and has been highly praised in the customer reviews. One of the top selling points is the memory foam cushioning inside the shoes, making them as soft as a pillow.

The shoe’s exterior is as impressive as its interior created specifically for work on slippery grounds, with unique slip-resistant outsoles tested using international testing standards and achieving a result well above the average score.

Knowing that a chef's sanitation and mobility are crucial, these shoes are entirely slip-on, making them more comfortable and easier to wear. Also, the slip-on feature avoids the potential slips and falls caused by the laces becoming untied during work.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, these shoes have over 3,000 positive reviews, rating them as one of the best shoe products for Men's Health Care & Food Service Shoes on Amazon.

What we like

  • Over 3,000 positive ratings
  • Memory foam insole cushioning
  • Affordable
  • Soft fabric shoe lining
  • Slip-resistant outsole

Our Verdict

These shoes are perfect for both professional chefs and other people employed in the kitchen.

The highlight from Skechers Food Service Shoe includes its signature memory foam insole, slip-resistant outsole, and universal acclaim by customers.

You can't go wrong with these shoes.

2. Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

Crocs remain one of the best in the world when it comes to purchasing comfortable shoes, with their signature Unisex Bistro Clog being a market leader in work shoes.

Specially designed for people working in food service, these shoes have everything you need to wear for multiple hours at a time while standing on your feet.

They are light, supportive, and breathable, making sure your feet will be comfortable while working through long work hours.

We know that being a chef means that you will often have sauces or other liquids drop on your shoes, which is why having waterproof exteriors and being easy to clean are essential for your everyday go-to shoes, and these Crocs excel at these requirements.

The Bistro Clog shoes have also been tested and meet international certification standards for comfort while also being slip-resistant so that you can avoid those terrible falls while rushing to make food.

What we like

  • Synthetic sole
  • Slip-resistant
  • Light and comfortable
  • Easy to clean

Our Verdict

The Unisex Bistro Clogs are not only perfect for all people working on the kitchen, but also for every household activity. 

Unparalleled positive ratings alongside waterproof exteriors and breathability combine to create an ideal shoe for chefs!

These crocs were created with chefs in mind to support your feet through long shifts.

3. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

Are you looking for shoes that you can wear while working in the kitchen but also around the house? How about wearing the same pair when going on hikes as well? 

Look no further than Merrell signature Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe. The Jungle Moc Slip-on Shoes unique design, which is both suitable for work and stylish, offers a versatile product to wear for any activity.

With Merrell’s reputation of producing the “ultimate low-maintenance shoe,” the Jungle Moc is perfect for anybody looking for a slip-on that provides comfort and support throughout different activities, ranging from standing for hours on your feet to outdoors hiking.

If you like wearing shoes that offer style alongside functionality, the Jungle Moc comes with over 20 different colors and styles!

Customers praise the shoes’ durability, with many mentioning that they last for more than two years while also recommending them even for wearing around the house!

These shoes also come with exclusive slip-resistant exteriors, designed for the working person in mind. They are also super affordable, particularly when compared to competitive brands that aren’t as durable.

What we like

  • Merrell air cushion
  • Rubber soles
  • 100% Suede Leather
  • Ortholite footbed

Our Verdict

Durability and versatility are the trademarks of the Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe. 

Whether you want to wear these throughout your day at work, while you are inside your house or when you go outdoors for some physical activity, these shoes provide comfort, support, and numerous styles for you to choose!

The slip-resistant exterior, affordable price, and customer's reviews are also reliable indicators that these shoes are perfect for someone working in the kitchen.

4. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock is widely known for producing some of the most comfortable shoes. 

Whoever has owned a pair of shoes from Birkenstock rarely changes to any other company, and their Profi Birki shoe is no different.

These slip-resistant shoes are ideal for working in the kitchen, but you can also wear them around the house. Your feet will be forever thankful.

The company's 300-year-old experience in footwear is exemplified in this model. The signature design will mold to your foot’s anatomy and make your foot aches a distant memory.

These shoes come in both regular and broader width, which is perfect for people who want to have more space for their feet to breathe or have medical conditions that require a wider insole.

Many customers dub these pairs “the best footwear I've owned,” and some claim that their pairs have lasted more than 15 years, saving you money in the long run.

What we like

  • Alpro-foam
  • Offers different widths
  • Leather exterior
  • Slip-resistant

Our Verdict

These shoes are perfect for people who spend most of their days standing as they are designed to provide unmatched comfort. 

Distinctive arches in the interior of the shoe mold specifically for your foot while the signature outsole has been redesigned to be slip-resistant.

Ultimately, these shoes are a great investment, with many customers praising their extreme durability, and saying that they will last at least five years.

5. Shoes for Crews Men’s Freestyle II Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker

There are very few footwear companies that can produce sneakers as comfortable and functional as Shoes for Crews. 

Fully exemplified in their Freestyle II model, these sneakers are genuinely one of a kind when it comes to working in the kitchen.

These shoes provide a stylish and athletic look with individualized support cushioning, which cannot be found on other types of shoes.

The greatest strengths of this product are its durability, slip-resistant outsole, and padded collar. These features combined form a flawless design for food service workers.

The Freestyle II contains a high-quality ventilated system which keeps the insides clean for a more extended period and decreases odors that usually builds up during those long work hours.

With its specialized lower builder, it allows me to comfortably put them on my feet at times when I don't want to tie them if I am facing a hectic time at work.

Its low ankle features offer an easy-slip to decrease the amount of tying and unties of shoelaces.

What we like

  • Unique slip-resistant design
  • Removable cushioned sole
  • Water and slip-resistant
  • Ventilated system

Our Verdict

Comfort and style establish a perfect combination in Shoes for Crews Freestyle II. 

When it comes to work-safe sneakers for people working in slippery surfaces, particularly chefs, these sneakers are market leaders with over 90% of buyers giving positive reviews.

Buyer’s Guide Questions

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing the best chef shoes in a crowded market. 

When deciding which product is best for you, there are many essential features to consider that will enhance your workdays by providing the utmost foot comfort you need.

Comfort, soft interior, slip-resistance, design, and breathability are just a few things to consider when searching for the best shoes for kitchen work.

It's important to also take customer reviews into consideration, which we analyzed to craft the ultimate buyer’s guide for chefs best kitchen shoes. Finding the most comfortable shoes to support your feet during hours of standing is highly crucial to your health and happiness.

What are the best shoes for working in the kitchen?

While almost all companies advertise their products as comfortable, there are specific methods that can be used to determine the best chef shoes in the world.

Shoe Interiors

First, it is important to establish whether it is more comfortable for the chef to have shoes that have soft interiors compared to shoes with tougher interiors. 

Each option has its benefit, and this is left completely to the buyer to decide based on personal preference. Products with tougher interiors tend to not bend easily, which provides stability but not flexibility. 

Another option is softer interiors, which provide comfort to the bottom of your feet. This helps to avoid any strains that come with constant pressure put on the bottom of the foot while standing and walking for long durations.

Arch Support

Another comfortable feature to consider is lateral arch support, which helps support the arch of your foot. This is especially important for those with flat feet, meaning the curvature of the feet is hardly noticeable. 

If you have flat feet, you need shoes with arch support to avoid any injuries to the foot and ease your foot's strain overall. That is why the Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage McAllen Food Service Shoe is the best chef's shoes to wear.

With their synthetic material, memory foam insole, and slip-resistant outsole, this product is meant to support your feet while you work.

The last thing you want to do is think about pains in your feet, legs, and back while working, and these shoes were crafted with the everyday kitchen worker in mind.

What shoes do chefs wear?

It's no secret that chefs wear comfortable shoes knowing they will spend hours of long workdays on their feet and rushing from station to station. 

Too often, shoes have been the cause of kitchen incidents and physical injuries due to slipping on wet surfaces, untied shoes, and non-supportive shoes.

This is why chefs wear shoes with those possible incidents in mind by investing in slip-resistant and supportive insole materials to work at their absolute full potential.

Are crocs good for chefs?

In this buyer’s guide, we have asked the same question you may be wondering: Are crocs good for chefs? In this guide, we evaluated the effectiveness of Croc’s Unisex Bistro Work Clog shoe. 

After analyzing its materials and viewing customer reviews of kitchen workers, this product is undeniably good for chefs.

Cros have quickly become comfortable walking shoes with its many creative and custom styles.

The Clog shoe is designed with those comfortable and supportive materials with food service, hospitality, and healthcare workings in mind.

Their sole purpose is to provide a light and supportive product that aligns with the tough work chefs and kitchen workers go through day to day.

Why do chefs wear clogs?

Chefs wear clogs due to their trustworthy slip-resistant features and overall comfort.

While performing the everyday duties of chefs such as cooking and cleaning, Crocs clogs are designed to reduce slips and last for a long time. They also meet all of the safety standards chefs need to meet when wearing attire into work.

These shoes are not only comfortable and supportive of a chef’s lifestyle but also look professional, which is important to consider when purchasing shoes for work.

What are kitchen shoes?

Kitchen shoes are footwear that meets the kitchen safety standard requirements. A lot of times, while working in the food industry, you’ll hear many people stressing the need for “close-toe” shoes. 

Certain rules are put in place to avoid any serious injuries that could potentially happen while working in the kitchen. Slip and falls can happen.

Standing for long hours while working through rush hours are more prone to foot injuries, which causes leg and back pains if endured for a long time.

Kitchen shoes are customized to meet the kitchen worker’s needs, and both put forth by your employer and for your own health's sake.

The best kitchen shoes usually include slip-resistant outsoles, water resistance, arch support, and cushioned insoles to give your feet the support and comfort needed to withstand your long shifts.

What do chefs wear on their feet?

Chefs typically wear ventilated socks and shoes with supportive features in place. Most chefs and kitchen workers perform long hours of standing and walking as they complete their everyday duties in a timely manner.

For food service workers, comfortable shoes are significant. Chefs typically wear shoes with the most support and durability consisting of memory foam insoles, arch support, and slip-resistant outsoles.

Chefs are required to wear shoes that are designed to avoid accidents that can happen in the kitchen due to food and water that may fall onto the floor.

That is why chefs are now wearing shoes that are compatible with their work environment.

What chef shoes are the most comfortable?

When determining which shoes are the most comfortable, there are a few factors to consider. 

First, it is important to establish whether it is more comfortable for the chef to have shoes that have soft interiors compared to shoes with tougher interiors.

Each option has its benefit, and this is left completely to the buyer to decide based on personal preference. Products with tougher interiors tend to not bend easily, which provides stability but not flexibility.

On the flip side, softer interiors provide comfort to the bottom of your feet to help avoid any strains that come with the constant pressure put on the foot while standing and walking for long durations.

Another comfortable feature to consider is a lateral arch support which helps support the arch of your foot. This is especially important for those with flat feet, meaning the arch of the feet is hardly noticeable.

If you have flat feet, you need shoes with an arch support to avoid any injuries to the foot and ease the strain of your foot overall.

Considering these essential features, we have come to the verdict that the Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work shoe is the most comfortable chef shoe.

Chef in the kitchen

What are the best shoes for chefs with sore feet?

If you are experiencing sore feet, it is important to wear shoes that are designed with the most support to provide comfort and avoid further injury.

  • What are the best shoes for chefs with flat feet?
  • Are all kitchen shoes slip-resistant?
  • What is the best way to clean kitchen shoes?

While almost all companies advertise their products as comfortable, there are specific methods that can be used to determine the best chef shoes in the world.

While many people want to wear shoes at work that are aesthetically pleasing to express themselves or receive comments from their coworkers, this is not the case for chefs.

Specifically, as chefs have to spend the majority of their time standing and moving hastily through the kitchen, the style of the shoes is not important.

Unless the chef is interested in purchasing shoes that they will not only wear in the workplace but also for other instances, such as wearing the shoes inside their house or for outdoor physical activity.

In either case, the style could be one of the things to look into when determining what kind of chef's shoes to buy.

However, it should not be a determining factor as having good-looking shoes does not mean that your feet will feel pleasant after having to carry all of your body weight throughout the day.

It is also worth taking into consideration how heavy the shoe is, as heavier shoes tend to be more uncomfortable.

Moreover, it again depends on what the customer looks into as some people are more aware of their shoes' weights, while for others, a few extra pounds doesn't seem to make a difference.

An essential category that each chef's shoe must fulfill is slip-resistance. Working in the kitchen means being exposed to floors, which are often slippery or greasy.

This means that if one's shoes do not have slip-resistant exteriors, then they will have to worry about falling while working, which might even lead to a visit to the hospital.

Having slip-resistance footwear is very important. This protection provides an individual with a safer method of walking throughout the kitchen, and also allows the individual not to have to think about being extra careful, allowing them to focus more on the job at hand.

On the same note, as slip resistance, a major benefit that good chef's footwear has is water resistance, as these two go hand in hand.

Having water resistance shoes might not seem like an important factor to consider, but consider all the liquids that might spill on their shoes and the amount of time it takes to remove the stains.

If the shoes are made from soft, polyester-like material, then water resistance becomes a big priority, which also enables the wearers an easier method of cleaning the shoes in case something spills.

If the shoes have harder exterior materials, cleaning them is a straightforward process. One could run them underwater, and use a brush to clean excess materials off the surface.

At the same time, if the shoe is not water-resistant and made out of softer materials, then the chef will have to use other products to thoroughly clean the shoe and remove any existing odor and stains.

Another category that is worth looking into is how breathable the shoes are, meaning how the environment inside the shoe changes after the shoes have been worn for a longer period of time.

Breathable shoes have special advantages, particularly when it comes to working in the kitchen.

You will want something that will allow your foot to breathe comfortably. One will not want a humid and sweaty condition inside the shoe's sole, which might lead to discomfort or even bad odors, something that is not needed in the kitchen.

Moreover, if a shoe is not breathable, then the chef will have to discard it after wearing it for only a short period of time or will have to invest in products that aim at removing bad odors from shoes, as the more one wears them and keep them on for longer periods of time the worse the odor that comes from the shoes becomes.

Being water-resistant is also a big plus, as there can always be accidental spills from liquids, and keeping the shoe clean and dry will be tough if it does not have water resistance.

The last two indicators that will be discussed are usually thought not to go hand in hand. However, some shoes will be able to provide both. The first one is durability, meaning how long the shoes will last after one has purchased them.

While some shoes will start to lose their color and strength after only a few months, others will be looking and feeling good as new even after years of wearing them daily.

Usually, more durable shoes also mean that the price tag associated with them is higher, which is the last category that will be discussed: affordability.

Since the shoe's design is usually not taken into consideration by chefs, many people think that most of the footwear that is considered has approximately the same price tag, but this is not necessarily the point.

The price is dependent on many things, which in most cases include everything that was discussed in this guide, such as the shoe's brand, their interior composition, and whether they are water-resistant and/or durable.

Many professionals indicate that if the chef is not completely aware of what shoe is most comfortable for them, then it is best to buy some cheaper options in th